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Trevor Jackson
Good enough
Taken from 
LabelBorn-Art / EMPIRE
Formatmusic video
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Statusreleased and aired
First airedJune 22, 2018 (week of June 18, 2018)
ProductionRiveting Entertainment
Pre-productionMill Ticket Casting (casting)
Post-productionNcredible Audio (sound)
DirectingTrevor Jackson
Arrad Rahgoshay (co-director)
Written byTrevor Jackson
Production teamAndrew Listermann (executive producer)
Scott Sheridan (executive producer)
Emerald Listermann (executive producer)
Kevin Boston (producer)
Trevor Jackson (producer)
Cam Baxter (producer)
ChoreographyDevin Solomon (choreographer)
CinematographyTaylor Randall
EditingArrad Rahgoshay
Trevor Jackson
DesignSpencer Steadman (production designer)
CostumesAvon Dorsey (stylist - Mr. Jackson)
Imari Gabrielle (assistant stylist)
BeautyNikki Parisi (make-up artist)
Stacy Gonzalez (make-up assistant)
Candyes Farmer (make-up assistant)
Tara Robertson (make-up assistant)
CastingEd Mills (casting director)
Ryan Smith (casting assistant)
1st assistant directorBashir Taylor
2nd assistant directorBuzz Hughes
1st assistant cameraMatt Abravaya
2nd assistant cameraRyan Schultz
digital imaging technicianAdam Shattuck
key gripJason Rowlen
best boy gripMike Moreno
gripLynette Smallwood
gafferMike Blevins
best boy electricAndy Villalobos
electricianLuke Hambly
sound mixerMax Nikoff
visual effectsKinan Chabani
coloristKinan Chabani
sound designerTony Crowe
sound designerArrad Rahgoshay
production assistantMerguerite Hermand
production assistantConnor Gould
production assistantT.J. Johnson
production assistantJustin Lin
production assistantOsei Vita
production managerDaria Castellanos
key production assistantKevin Nelson
Trevor Jacksonas himself
Angelique Riveraas leading lady
Geno Segersas mob boss
Eva Belibias target love interest
Chloe Arnoldas agency boss
Oba Vitaas fighting henchman
Sean Moranas fighting henchman
Julio Chavesas henchman
Chadwick Colemanas henchman
Alex Andresas henchman
Osei Vitaas henchman
Omari Vitaas henchman
Babatu Vitaas henchman
Emanuel Vo Williamsas henchman
Michael Loveas dancer
Devin Solomanas dancer
Jimmy Weedenas dancer
Christian Davisas dancer
Ian Jacksonas guitar player
Patrick Pageas bar patron / worker
Mitchell Edwardsas bar patron / worker
Alysha Darbyas bar patron / worker
Ariana Johnsonas bar patron / worker
Natasha Holdermanas bar patron / worker
Jessica Carlaas bar patron / worker
Marquis Mossas bar patron / worker
Nailah D. Haywardas bar patron / worker
Rachel Susonas bar patron / worker
Justice Sorensonas bar patron / worker
Macy Aitkenas bar patron / worker
Nailya Yussupovaas bar patron / worker
Alexa Kopitnikas bar patron / worker
Danielle Carrilloas bar patron / worker
Natalia Garibayas bar patron / worker
Ashlei Hallas bar patron / worker
Anthony Okray, bar patron / worker
Karim Benzakouras bar patron / worker
Kyle Bautistaas bar patron / worker
Dwayne Henryas bar patron / worker
Jay Dersahagianas bar patron / worker
Ryan Michael Georgeas bar patron / worker
Louis Pappasas bar patron / worker

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