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Submission forms - Form #1
Due to spam, I am removing the forms from public access. I should have done this a long time ago as it takes way too much time to weed out all the junk. Site members (check out our Patreon page for info) can still use them, though, when they are connected.

Does that mean you can't submit anything anymore unless you're a member? Of course not!

For some months now, I've been experimenting with spreadsheets and came up with some ways to handle submissions real quickly in this fashion. It's a bit of a steep learning curve, though, but if that doesn't scare you, get in touch and I'll give you access to a shared document on Google Docs that you can edit to your heart's content.

If you're curious (and not faint of heart! ha!) you can view the detailed guide to the spreadsheet.

If you prefer working in a more confined environment, ie. not in a shared document, another option is to download this spreadsheet, fill it out, then email it back to me.

It's a bit easier to work with than the shared document, despite using the same layout. It includes shorter instructions within the file itself, which likely helps make it more user-friendly.

If you look at the user's guide linked above, you should probably download the spreadsheet too as it will help you visualize what columns look like and how the spreadsheet works.

Please only submit short form music videos. The database does NOT include longforms (ie. concerts, DVD's, video compilations, etc).

Performers Title Air date Director
Your name :      Your e-mail :

Performers : Use this field to enter the name(s) of the artist(s) and/or band(s) performing the song.

Title : Use this field to enter the title of the song and video.

Air date : This is the date the video was first aired - regardless of the country. For instance, if a video was shown in Europe before it aired in the States, then that should be the date used. Also, whenever possible, the month and exact date should be included, rather than just the year.

Director : Use this field to type in the name(s) of the music video's director(s).

Notes : Use this field to enter trivia notes regarding one or more of the videos you are submitting. This can include a movie star who appeared in the video, fun facts about the shoot, the difference between this video and another version made for the same song (if appropriate), etc... Please do make sure you type in the number of the video (which can be found at the beginning of each row) for which you are entering your comments, so that we know which you are referring to.

Your name : Use this field to type in your own name. This information is private and will not be disclosed to any third party under no circumstances whatsoever.

Providing your name serves two main purposes. First, it allows us to more effectively keep track of our sources for information -- this can be particularly useful when we run into conflicting information. Second, it tells us who we need to contact in case we have any questions about the data submitted. Please note that for us to do this, you should of course provide a valid e-mail address.

Your e-mail address : Although this is not required, we do highly suggest providing a valid e-mail if (1) this is the first time you submit data or (2) you have recently changed your e-mail address. Needless to say, this information will be kept private and never released to any third party. It shall only be used to inform you when the submitted data is added online or to ask you questions about the data if further information is required. You will NEVER receive spam mail through If a need should arise to disclose an e-mail address, permission to do so will always be asked first.

On a side note, it should be pointed out that we will generally place more faith in a signed form than an anonymous one, for obvious reasons -- so including a name and e-mail address also helps make your submission look more serious and legitimate.

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