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James Brown

Profession : director
Gender : male

Previously worked with Stink Films (UK) and Smuggler (USA).

co-direct award nominee award winner James Brown has worked on a total of 28 videos.

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cinematographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2012-sep SleeplessFlume, feat. Jezzabell DoranDamon Cameron

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director videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2001-augMuhammad AliFaithless
2000-junDirty waterM.I.L.
1999-sepBaby loveJoan Osborne
1999-augWhatever it takesSinead Lohan
1999-febYour love gets sweeter [version 2: USA]Finley Quaye
1998-sepMorning afterglowElectrasy
1998-augUltra stimulationFinley Quaye
1998-julJackie's strengthTori Amos
1998-marNot aloneBernard Butler
1998-aprSparkTori Amos
1998-aprStopSpice Girls
1997-sep Even after allFinley Quaye
1997-sepClosed for businessMansun
1997-junRaw powerApollo Four Forty
1997-junSunday shiningFinley Quaye
1997-febAin't talkin' 'bout dubApollo Four Forty
1996-augKrupaApollo Four Forty
1996When you wanna moveADM
1996My radioSamuel Purdy
1996All I want [version 1]Poppyheads
1996All I want [version 2]Poppyheads
1996This one's for youPoppyheads
1996Cryin' loveRobert Forster
1996Pardon me [version 1]Mundy
1996Pardon me [version 2]Mundy
1996I'll be fineBlunt
1995Move your bodyEurogroove

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