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Profession : director
Gender : male
Full name : Jeff Kennedy

Currently signed to Buck Productions, Inc. (Canada).

Previously worked with KanDoKid (USA), Stray Dog Film (USA), Wondros Music+Vision (USA).

co-direct award nominee award winner Kennedy has worked on a total of 36 videos.

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director videography
(36 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2008The stoopLittle Jackie
2005Far awayKindred the Family Soul
2004-mayLa-dee-da-dee (we like to party)Park Slope, feat. Lou$tar & others
2004Shake ya bodyTyra Banks
2001Dogg named SnoopSnoop Dogg
2001Miss you, hate youJoe Bonamassa
2000Don't bring sand to the beachKinnda
1999-octSo sweet [version 1]Brooke Russell
1999-marThis time a diamond won't cut itBeverly Ellis
1999In the zoneIvy Queen, feat. Wyclef Jean
1998-novIf you could read my mind Stars on 54
1998-octIf I can't have youLFO, feat. Kayo
1998-augCatch the lightMartha Wash
1998-apr Sex U up (the way you like it) [version 2]LFO, feat. 95 South
1997-augTell meInner Circle
1997-julThe Jock Jam(various artists)
1997-mayBeefChubb Rock
1997Ruff RidaFraze
1997Crooked green paperKinfusion
1996-aug This is your nightAmber
1996-julStakes is highDe La Soul
1996Bounce to da beatLuther Campbell
1996Change like the weatherBounty Killer, feat. Busta Rhymes
1995Wannamake movesTrackmasterz
1995Giddy up2 in a Room
1995Shimmy shake740 Boyz
1995Da ladies in da houseBig Kap, feat. Lauryn Hill & others
1994Ghettosburg addressShazzy
1993Give the people what they want3rd World
1993Back to the islandthe Baha Men
1992Mo' Junkanoothe Baha Men
1990Yo! Spring BreakJustin Time
 Pass da IndoIndo G, feat. Lil' Blunt
 Besito de coco-carameloAlkimia
 Where them ho's at?Luther Campbell

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