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Conchita Soares

Profession : director
Gender : female

Previously worked with QFilmproduktion (Germany) and Blow Film GmbH (Germany).

co-direct award nominee award winner Conchita Soares has worked on a total of 28 videos.

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director videography
(28 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2005-decApache rocks the bottom Scooter
2005-jan Memories Within Temptation
2005-junGeneration rock Revolverheld
2004-decThe moment of our love [version 2] Negative
2004-decOrdinary life Liquido
2004-oct Stand my ground Within Temptation
2004-sepRock steady Zoe
2004-mayLiar Vanilla Ninja
2004-mayWunderschön Roots Rockers
2004-mayMove your body B3
2003-decMach's Dir Selbst Silbermond
2003-octStereotype me V-Male
2003-octWhat if? Natural
2003-augEveryday is a weekend Die Happy
2003-julSunday morning Vanessa St.James
2003-junDay by day [version 1] Serafin
2003-mayThe reason why Marque
2003-mayI wear my skin One Minute Silence
2003-aprWhen you sleep Paddy Kelly
2003-aprNiemand hat gesagt Tobias Schenke
2003-febWe bounce One Minute Silence
2003-janPray Paddy Kelly
2003-janFree Trijntje
2002-novDon't stop the music Robyn
2002-octPromise Krezip
2002-sepRock a spot Relax
2002-augDie Stadt Paula
2002-augYou can say Krezip

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