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Fiona O'Mahoney

Profession : producer
Gender : female

co-direct award nominee award winner Fiona O'Mahoney has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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producer videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1996-janEyes of bluePaul CarrackNick Morris
1995-sepStrengththe AlarmNick Morris
1989-oct Someday (you'll come running)FMNick Morris
1989-augHooks in youMarillionNick Morris
1988-febPresence of lovethe AlarmNick Morris
1987-octCherokeeEuropeNick Morris
1987-augWe should be sleepingEddie MoneyNick Morris
1987-augHeart over mindJennifer RushNick Morris
1987-julDancing on top of the worldMason RuffnerNick Morris
1987-junCarrieEuropeNick Morris
1987-mayFlames of ParadiseJennifer Rush & Elton JohnNick Morris
1987-febRock the nightEuropeNick Morris
1986-aug Take me home tonightEddie MoneyNick Morris
1986-augI'll be over youTotoNick Morris
1986-jul Final countdown [version 1]EuropeNick Morris
1986-aprOnce bitten, twice shyChackoNick Morris
1986-feb Tomb of memoriesPaul YoungNick Morris
1986-jan Spirit of '76the AlarmNick Morris
1986-feb I engineerAnimotionNick Morris
1985-dec It's all in the gameNenaNick Morris
1985-dec KyrieMr. MisterNick Morris
1985-octThe taste of your tearsKingNick Morris
1985-sepAlone without youKingNick Morris
1985-sep He's on the beachKirsty MacCollNick Morris
1985-sep Ordinary lifeRouenNick Morris
1985-augBarriersSimon TownshendNick Morris
1985-marEverytime you go awayPaul YoungNick Morris
1984-dec Respect yourselfKane GangNick Morris
1984-oct When love breaks downPrefab SproutNick Morris
1984 What I see / Behind the barrierPlanet P ProjectRoger H. Lyons

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