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Folke Johansson

Profession : photography

co-direct award nominee award winner Folke Johansson has worked on a total of 47 videos.

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cinematographer videography
(47 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2006-febRequiemBoysetsfireRoger Johansson
2004-febRed lightJoacim CansRoger Johansson
2003-febTriggerIn FlamesRoger Johansson
2003-febRejection roleSoilworkRoger Johansson
2002-augHearts on fireHammerfallRoger Johansson
2002-julCloud connectedIn FlamesRoger Johansson
2001-sepBananer i pyjamasBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepBlommig falukorvBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepSudda suddaBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepKalles klätterträdBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepAsrtid Lindgren medleyBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepSjörövarfabbeBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepVärldens bästa KarlssonBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-sepDisney medleyBlack IngvarsRoger Johansson
2001-febOnly for the weakIn FlamesRoger Johansson
2000-octAlways will beHammerfallRoger Johansson
2000-julSuperstarRollergirlPatric Ullaeus
2000-junOpen SesameDaisy DeePatric Ullaeus
2000-janNo regretsPandoraPatric Ullaeus
2000-janDo you wanna die?AK SwiftPatric Ullaeus
1999-novKan du se mig?Patrik IsakssonKarl-Johan Larsson
1999-novUnga HjärtanOrupKarl-Johan Larsson
1999One loveJanuaryPatric Ullaeus
1999Watch me nowDavid TaintonPatric Ullaeus
1999A twist of fateEmiliaPatric Ullaeus
1998-decThe greatest love you'll never knowLutricia McNealPatric Ullaeus
1998-junSweet thang [version 1]JonestownPatric Ullaeus
1998A child is bornLutricia McNealPatric Ullaeus
1997-junAin't that just the wayLutricia McNealPatric Ullaeus
1997-aprLight in meAK SwiftPatric Ullaeus
1997-augHe's comin'NanaPatric Ullaeus
1997-julLet it rain [version 2: remix]NanaPatric Ullaeus
1997What's going on?Beat SystemPatric Ullaeus
1997Hey youDaisy DeePatric Ullaeus
1997We'll stayDilbaPatric Ullaeus
1997All the wayHomeboysPatric Ullaeus
1997Just for youMasterboyPatric Ullaeus
1997LonelyNanaPatric Ullaeus
1997Let it rain [version 1]NanaPatric Ullaeus
1997Too much HeavenNanaPatric Ullaeus
1997Love is a wonderful thingFatima RaineyPatric Ullaeus
1997Straight out of PersiaRoCeePatric Ullaeus
1997Bible in my handUBFPatric Ullaeus
1996I'm sorryDilbaPatric Ullaeus
1996Up 'n' downGeorgePatric Ullaeus
1996DarkmanNanaPatric Ullaeus
1996Instant repeater '99the Soundtrack of our LivesPatric Ullaeus

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