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Michael Hamlyn
[producer][executive producer]

Profession : producer
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner Michael Hamlyn has worked on a total of 22 videos.

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producer videography
(21 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1989-decAll along the watchtower [live]U2Richard Lowenstein
1989-novGod - part II [live]U2Richard Lowenstein
1989-novHawkmoon 269 [live]U2Richard Lowenstein
1989-aprWhen love comes to town [version 1] U2 & B.B. KingPhil Joanou
1988-decAngel of HarlemU2Richard Lowenstein
1988-octDesire [version 1]U2Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn
1987-decOne Tree HillU2Phil Joanou
1987-novBad [version 2]U2Phil Joanou
1987-sepNeed you tonight / MediateINXSRichard Lowenstein
1987-sep Where the streets have no name U2Meiert Avis
1987-mar With or without you [version 1] U2Meiert Avis & Matt Mahurin [uncredited]
1986-mar Second hand lovePete TownshendRichard Lowenstein
1985-octFace the facePete TownshendRichard Lowenstein
1985-octGive blood [version 1]Pete TownshendRichard Lowenstein
1985-mayThe unforgettable fireU2Meiert Avis
1984-jul Pride (in the name of love) [version 1: b&w]U2Donald Cammell
1984-jul Pride (in the name of love) [version 2: Slane Castle]U2Barry Devlin
1984-febState of confusionKinksJulien Temple
1983-octUndercover of the nightthe Rolling StonesJulien Temple
1983-augDon't forget to danceKinksJulien Temple
1983-aprCome dancingKinksJulien Temple

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executive producer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1987-dec It's Christmas (baby please come home)U2Phil Joanou

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