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Sharon Oreck
[executive producer][producer]

Profession : producer
Gender : female

Founder of O Pictures.

co-direct award nominee award winner Sharon Oreck has worked on a total of 34 videos.

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executive producer videography
(6 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1994-jul City songLuscious JacksonTamra Davis
1994-apr Sold my fortuneSugartoothDustin Robertson
1990-jan Worlds apartCock RobinMatt Mahurin
1990-jan Promises, promisesChristopher WilliamsGeoffrey Edwards
1989-dec Pump it hottieRedhead Kingpin and the FBITamra Davis
1989-octThe last worthless eveningDon HenleyMatthew Rolston

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producer videography
(28 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1990-octLove will never do (without you) Janet JacksonHerb Ritts
1990-mayDon't go away mad (just go away)Mötley CrüeBlanche White
1990-febWithout youMötley CrüeBlanche White
1989-sep Opposites attract Paula AbdulCandace Reckinger & Michael Patterson
1989-augCherishMadonnaHerb Ritts
1989-marLike a prayer MadonnaMary Lambert
1988-octIn your roomthe BanglesTamra Davis
1987-nov Gabriel's messageStingMatt Mahurin
1987-mayThe ledgethe ReplacementsBill Pope & Randy Skinner
1987-mayBack in loveJeff LorberWilliam Pope
1987-aprHypnotize meWang ChungOley Sassone
1987-marNever enoughPatty SmythAlbert Magnoli
1987How long?the Williams BrothersMark Plummer
1986-novControl Janet JacksonMary Lambert
1986-octSave time for meMatthew SweetHarris Savides
1986-sepI've been losing you [version 1]a-haOdd Arvid Stromstad
1986-augTenkuKitaroMatt Mahurin
1986-jun Papa don't preach MadonnaPeter Percher
1986-mayNasty Janet JacksonMary Lambert
1986-apr Fade awaythe BodeansMatt Mahurin
1986-jan Love can take us all the wayJack WagnerOley Sassone
1986-jan Blondes in black carsAutographOley Sassone
1986-jan HurtJuice NewtonOley Sassone
1986-mar Is it love?Mr. MisterOley Sassone
1985-sep Sister FateSheila E. Prince
1985-sep Gone ridin'Chris IsaakTed Bafaloukos
1985-apr Would I lie to you?EurythmicsMary Lambert
1984-sepSo fineMarc Anthony ThompsonAndrea Dietrich

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