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Curtis Wehrfritz
[director][treatment writer]

Profession : director
Gender : male

Previously worked with Revolver Film Company (Canada) and The Revolver Film Co. (USA).

co-direct award nominee award winner Curtis Wehrfritz has worked on a total of 16 videos.

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director videography
(16 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1997-octI've just seen a faceHolly Cole
1996-oct Someone who's coolthe Odds
1996-sepAngels & ordinary menWendy Lands
1996-febCharmsthe Philosopher Kings
1995-nov Sister awakethe Tea Party
1994Hasn't hit me yetBlue Rodeo
1994 Bad timingBlue Rodeo
1994X marks the spotDevon
1993I can see clearlyHolly Cole Trio
1993 The futureLeonard Cohen
1992 Rainbow signMartha & the Muffins
1992 She-La54-40
1992 No regretsTom Cochrane
1992 Closing time Leonard Cohen
1991-julI am herethe Grapes of Wrath
1989Timothy LearyCottage Industry

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treatment writer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1992 Rainbow signMartha & the MuffinsCurtis Wehrfritz

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