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Spike Jonze

Profession : director
Gender : male


Married to Sofia Coppola.

Former one half of Torrance Community Dance Group.

Currently signed to MJZ (USA).

Spike Jonze on the Web :

co-direct award nominee award winner Spike Jonze has worked on a total of 48 videos.

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director videography
(46 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2005-janTriumph of a heartBjork
2004-novGet backLudacris
2004-janBig brat Phantom Planet
2004-janY control Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2002-octIt's in our handsBjork
2002-sepGuess I'm doin' fineBeck
2001-novWonderboy Tenacious D
2001-sep Island in the Sun [version 2: wild life]Weezer
2001-mar Weapon of choiceFatboy Slim
2000-marWhat's up Fatlip?Fatlip
1998-marRoot down [version 2: live]the Beastie Boys
1998-junHome Sean Lennon
1998 The Rockafeller Skank [version 1: lunatic dancer]Fatboy Slim
1997-decSky's the limitthe Notorious B.I.G., feat. 4kast
1997-octIt's all about the Benjamins [version 2: rock remix]Puff Daddy & the Family & others
1997-octLiberty callsMike Watt
1997-augElektrobankthe Chemical Brothers
1997-aprShady LanePavement
1997-febDa funkDaft Punk
1996-nov Electrolite R.E.M.
1995-dec Dropthe Pharcyde
1995-novCar songElastica
1995-octThe Diamond Sea Sonic Youth
1995-sep It's oh so quietBjork
1995-mar Freedom of '76Ween
1995-febCrush with eyelinerR.E.M.
1995-feb CaliforniaWax
1995Who is next? Wax
1994-nov Buddy HollyWeezer
1994-sepSure shot the Beastie Boys
1994-augFeel the painDinosaur, Jr.
1994-julUndone (the sweater song)Weezer
1994-jun Old timerthat dog
1994-may Sabotagethe Beastie Boys
1994Divine hammer the Breeders
1994If I only had a brainMC 900 ft. Jesus
1994Ditch diggerRocket From the Crypt
1994I can't stop smilingVelocity Girl
1994Big trainMike Watt
1993-aug Cannonball the Breeders
1993-marAll about EveMarxman
1993High in HighschoolChainsaw Kittens
1993 Country at warX
1992-oct Time for livin'the Beastie Boys
1992-jul100% Sonic Youth
1992Days Blind

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cinematographer videography
(2 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2005-mayBlessed eveningFoetus Karen O
1993-aug Cannonballthe BreedersKim Gordon & Spike Jonze

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choreographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2001-mar Weapon of choiceFatboy SlimSpike Jonze

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actor videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1998 The Rockafeller Skank [version 1: lunatic dancer]Fatboy SlimSpike Jonze

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editor videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1993ShineWalt MinkSofia Coppola

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