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Jean Pellerin

Profession : director
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner Jean Pellerin has worked on a total of 24 videos.

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director videography
(23 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1997-augLooking in the eyes of loveAlison Krauss & Union Station
1995-octWhen love & hate collide Def Leppard
1992-aug Hot CherieHardline
1992-jul Devil in meFFF
1990-jan Cry for freedomWhite Lion
1990Wild oneDio
1989-dec Inside outXYZ
1989-oct Guilty [version 2]Tora Tora
1989-junWalkin' shoesTora Tora
1988-decFox on the runGirlschool
1988-julLove bites Def Leppard
1988Open your heart Europe
1988Women Def Leppard
1987-decHysteria Def Leppard
1987-octGettin' better Tesla
1987-augAnimal Def Leppard
1987-junIndians Anthrax
1987-aprFuture world Pretty Maids
1987-augCrazy crazy nights [live] KISS
1987Little Suzi Tesla
1986-novUnchain the night Dokken
1986Face the day Great White
1985-febThis is loveBang-Bang

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cinematographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1990-jan Cry for freedomWhite LionJean Pellerin

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editor videography
(2 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1987-octGettin' betterTeslaJean Pellerin & Doug Freel
1985-dec The hunterDokkenWayne Isham

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