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Carol Beadle

Profession : wardrobe stylist
Gender : female

co-direct award nominee award winner Carol Beadle has worked on a total of 19 videos.

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stylist videography
(19 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2007-mar Go-go gadget gospelGnarls BarkleyRobert Hales
2006-aug Call me when you're soberEvanescenceMarc Webb
2006-may Supermassive black holeMuseFloria Sigismondi
2005-oct Bom bom bomLiving ThingsFloria Sigismondi
2004-may Mr. Brightside [version 2: color] the KillersSophie Muller
2004-mayTalk shows on muteIncubusFloria Sigismondi
2003-dec MegalomaniacIncubusFloria Sigismondi
2003-jun Untitled #1Sigur RosFloria Sigismondi
2003-mar Fighter Christina AguileraFloria Sigismondi
2002-apr She said [version 2: stripping nuns]the Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionFloria Sigismondi
2002 In my secret lifeLeonard CohenFloria Sigismondi
1999-jan Anything but downSheryl CrowFloria Sigismondi
1998-apr Can't get looseBarry AdamsonFloria Sigismondi
1997-oct Sweet surrenderSarah McLachlanFloria Sigismondi [uncredited]
1997-jul (Can't you) Trip like I doFilter, feat. the Crystal MethodFloria Sigismondi
1997-apr Makes me wanna dieTrickyFloria Sigismondi
1997-apr Dead man walkingDavid BowieFloria Sigismondi
1996-dec TourniquetMarilyn MansonFloria Sigismondi
1996-sep The beautiful peopleMarilyn MansonFloria Sigismondi

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