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Steven Murashige

Profession : director
Gender : male
Country : USA

[text below retrieved from the The Artists Company website, 25 May 2018]

Steven Murashige is an award-winning director of commercials, music videos and film. Of pure Japanese ancestry, he was born in Los Angeles where he has resided all but 1 year of his life, spent in Paris, France, learning the French language and soaking up its bounty of art and culture. That year in Paris came upon the heels of receiving his bachelor of arts from The Art Center College of Design, where he studied illustration, painting and graphic design.

Upon returning from France, he worked as a print graphic designer before being introduced to the world of motion graphics. On his spare time, he learned and created projects in After Effects that ultimately won him the position of motion graphics designer at a post-production facility in Hollywood. There, he also learned the Avid and became a staff editor as well as creative director of the motion graphics division. Constantly meeting and working with an abundance of entertainment professionals, he caught the eye of a music video production company who offered him a place on their roster as a director.

Steven soon directed his first music video, which would become the first mega-hit video for the band, Incubus. From the music video world, he burst onto the commercial scene where his distinct graphic style earned him a slew of Target spots at the height of their imaginative creativity, spawning his commercial career. From his experience in commercials and music videos, his passion for the purity of narrative storytelling and the art of directing actors took flame. It’s the age-old idea of “the bard”, “the storyteller”, who passes history and lore to the coming generations that Steven believes is not only important, but essential to humanity.

Currently signed to The Artists Company (USA) and StarPro (Russia).

Previously worked with DNA (USA, 2012-2014), The Artists Company (USA, 2001-2012), The Revolver Film Co. (USA, 2000-2001), Revolver Film Company (Canada, 2000-2001).

co-direct award nominee award winner Steven Murashige has worked on a total of 16 videos.

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director videography
(16 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2012-mar Life is beautifulthe Afters
2008-oct Where I stood [version 2: USA]Missy Higgins
2006-novCan't let goLandon Pigg
2005-sep Wish IJem
2005-may Just a rideJem
2005-marBeautiful lovethe Afters
2004-novScars [version 1]Papa Roach
2004-octI tryTalib Kweli, feat. Mary J. Blige
2004-mayWake up (make a move)Lostprophets
2003-jun Jaded (these years)Mest
2003-julBoys of summerthe Ataris
2003-febIn this diarythe Ataris
2001-janNothing but your love [version 2]Toshi Kubota
2000-novRenegades of funkRage Against the Machine
2000-oct Cherry bomb1 plus 1
1999-decPardon meIncubus

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