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Profession : directors (duo)
Gender : D
Born : May 2003
Split : September 2008

Working name of directors Matt Simmonds and Ed Emmerson.

Previously worked with Godman (UK), Merge @ Crossroads (USA) and Crossroads Films UK (UK).

Type2error on the Web :

co-direct award nominee award winner Type2error has worked on a total of 33 videos.
Credits believed to be complete as of Nov. 15, 2006.
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director videography
(33 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2006-nov Wild blue yonderPaul Weller
2006-novWait a minuteYourcodenameis:milo
2006-octNever even told me her nameAir Traffic
2006-octRunning the worldJarvis Cocker
2006-octWhat you could've wonMilburn
2006-octMan I hate your bandLittle Man Tate
2006-aprSigns of lifeEvery Move a Picture
2006-sepWhites only partythe Dears
2006-maySing it outHope of the States
2006-mayWrong upstairsthe On Offs
2006-marHow it all went wrongles Incompetents
2006-janThis townthe On Offs
2006-janAll too humanthe Rakes
2005-octPressure on youDuels
2005-augThe intention craft [version 1]Pure Reason Revolution
2005-sep22 grand jobthe Rakes
2005-augComing homeJJ72
2005-junSay somethingKomakino
2005-junWork, work, work (pub, club, sleep)the Rakes
2005-aprOresYouthmovie Soundtrack Strategies
2005-apr The bright Ambassadors of morningPure Reason Revolution
2004-octThe love of Richard NixonManic Street Preachers
2004-sepHelicopter [version 1: b&w]Bloc Party
2004-sepCuts across the land [version 1]the Duke Spirit
2004-augNehemiahHope of the States
2004-julThis one's for youEd Harcourt
2004-aprThe red, the white, the black, the blueHope of the States
2004-febTropical Icelandthe Fiery Furnaces
2003Black dollar billsHope of the States
2003Enemies / friendsHope of the States

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