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David Guetta
(1967- )

Act type : male artist
Full name : Pierre David Guetta
Born : 7 November 1967
Country : France

Discography :

  • 2002: Just a little more love
  • 2010: One love
  • 2013: Nothing but the beat ultimate -- buy @ amazon
  • 2018: 7

co-direct award nominee award winner David Guetta has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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artist videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-nov Say my nameHannah Lux Davis
2018-aug Don't leave me aloneHannah Lux Davis
2018-apr FlamesLior Molcho
2018-mar [GUEST] Mad loveSarah McColgan
2017-dec Dirty sexy money Charli XCX & Sarah McColgan
2017-nov [GUEST] So far awayDamian Karsznia
2015-may Hey mama
2013-apr Play hardAndreas Nilsson
2013-feb Without you [version 2: Sahel hunger crisis]
2012-dec Just one last timeColin Tilley
2012-jul I can only imagineColin Tilley
2012-jan Turn me on Sanji
2011-dec Titanium
2011-oct Without you [version 1]Christopher Hewitt
2011-jun Where them girls atDavid Meyers
2010-may Gettin' over youRich Lee
2009-sep Sexy chick Digital Hôtel
2008-febDeliriousDenis Thybaud
2007-sepBaby when the lightDenis Thybaud
2007-junLove is goneDenis Thybaud
2006-augLove don't let me go (walking away)Marcus Adams
2005-febThe world is mineStuart Gosling
2004-octStayNathalie Canguilhem
2004-mayMoneyFred Grivois
2003-mayJust for one dayRichard Fenwick
2003Just a little more love [version 3: Wally Lopez remix]
2002-mayLove, don't let me goOlivier Boscovitch & Vincent Renaud
2002Just a little more love [version 2: international]Ben Hume-Paton
2002People come, people goDon Cameron
2001-junJust a little more love [version 1]Fabien Dufils

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