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Van Halen

Act type : band

Discography :

  • 1984: MCMLXXXIV
  • 1995: Balance

co-direct award nominee award winner Van Halen has worked on a total of 39 videos.

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artist videography
(39 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2004-junIt's about timeAndrew Bennett
1998-junFire in the holeRocky Schenck
1998-marWithout youPaul Andresen
1998OnceDavid Bertinelli
1996-apr Humans beingRocky Schenck
1995-aug Not enough
1995-mar Can't stop lovin' youPeter Christopherson
1994-dec Don't tell me (what love can do)Peter Christopherson
1993-mayDreams [version 2: live]John Beug & Carolyn Beug
1993-febJump [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1992-febRight nowMark Fenske
1991-octStanding on top of the world [version 2: live]
1991-octStanding on top of the world [version 1: color]Meiert Avis
1991-augRunaroundMeiert Avis
1991-junPoundcakeAndy Morahan
1989-janFeels so goodAndy Morahan
1988-octFinish what ya startedAndy Morahan
1988-julWhen it's loveJeremiah Chechik
1987-mar [GUEST] My name is Bocephus Fisher & Preachman
1986-sepBest of both worldsDaniel Kleinman
1986-augLove walks in [live]Daniel Kleinman
1986-mayDreams [version 1]
1986-marWhy can't this be love?Brian Grant
1984-sep Hot for teacherPete Angelus & David Lee Roth
1984-aprPanama [live]Pete Angelus
1983-novJump [version 1: concept] Van Halen
1981-novPretty womanRobert Lombard & Van Halen
1981UnchainedRobert Lombard
1981So this is love? [live]Bruce Gowers
1981Hear 'bout it laterRobert Lombard
1979-aprDance the night awayBruce Gowers
1979You're no good
1979Bottoms up!Bruce Gowers
1978-mayRunnin' with the Devil
1978-janYou really got me [live]
1978Jamie's cryin' [live]
 ChangeBruce Gowers

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