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the Stranglers
(1974- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1974
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner the Stranglers has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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artist videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1995Golden boy
1990-feb 96 tearsTim Pope
1988-janAll day and all of the night
1986-dec Big in America Giblets
1986-octAlways the SunJeff Baynes
1986-augNice in NiceJeff Baynes
1984-novNo mercyMaurice Phillips
1984-sepSkin deepSandy Johnson & Brian Ward
1983-febMidnight summer dreamBrian Grant
1983All roads lead to RomeDave Stump
1982-novEuropean femaleBrian Grant
1982-julStrange little girlLindsey Clennell
1982-aprLa folieLindsey Clennell
1982-janGolden brownLindsey Clennell
1980-mayWho wants the world?Lindsey Clennell
1980-marBear cageRussell Mulcahy
1979-octNuclear device (the wizard of Aus)Chris Gabrin
1979-augDuchessRussell Mulcahy
1978-aprNice 'n' sleazyHugh Cornwell & Stephen Baker
1978-janFive minutesRoger Lunn
1978Sweden (all quiet on the Eastern front)Roger Lunn
1977-sepNo more heroesLindsey Clennell
1977-julStraighten outTony Spratling
1977-julSomething better changeTony Spratling
1977-mayPeachesHugh Cornwell & Stephen Baker
1977-jan(Get a) Grip (on yourself)Bernard Duckham
1977Hanging aroundHugh Cornwell & Stephen Baker

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