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Pat Benatar
(1953- )

Act type : female artist
Real name : Patricia Mae Andrzejewski
Born : 10 January 1953
Country : USA

See also Pat Benatar's technician credits.

Discography :

  • 1985: Seven the hard way

co-direct award nominee award winner Pat Benatar has worked on a total of 28 videos.

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artist videography
(28 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2003-dec [GUEST] In my daughter's eyesMichael McNamara
1997-julStrawberry wineSteven T. Miller & R. Brad Murano
1993-julSomebody's babySamuel Bayer
1991-octSo longEllen Weissbrod
1991-mayTrue loveMarcello Anciano
1989-janOne love
1989-janLet's stay togetherJim Yukich
1988-octDon't walk awayJim Yukich
1988-junAll fired upJim Yukich
1986-feb Le Bel AgeJim Yukich
1985-nov Sex as a weaponDaniel Kleinman
1985-jun InvincibleMarty Callner
1985-janOoh ooh songMarty Callner
1984-decPainted desertChris Gabrin
1984-oct We belongMarty Callner
1984-febLipstick liesJuliano Waldman
1983-sepLove is a battlefieldBob Giraldi
1983-febLittle too lateMark Robinson
1982-octShadows of the nightMark Robinson
1982Anxiety (get nervous)Mark Robinson
1981-octPromises in the darkKeith MacMillan
1981-julFire and iceKeith MacMillan
1981 Precious timeKeith MacMillan
1980-julYou better runNick Saxton
1980-aprWe live for love
1980I'm gonna follow youNick Saxton
1979-augI need a lover

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