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(1995- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1995
Country : USA

Related entries: M. Shawn Crahan.

Discography :

  • 1999: Slipknot -- produced by Slipknot, Ross Robinson & Sean McMahon -- buy @ amazon
  • 2001: Iowa -- produced by Slipknot & Ross Robinson -- buy @ amazon
  • 2004: Vol. 3: (the subliminal verses) -- produced by Rick Rubin -- buy @ amazon
  • 2005: 9.0: Live -- produced by Slipknot & Joey Jordison -- buy @ amazon
  • 2008: All hope is gone -- produced by Dave Fortman & Slipknot -- buy @ amazon

co-direct award nominee award winner Slipknot has worked on a total of 16 videos.

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artist videography
(16 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2009-sep SnuffP.R. Brown & M. Shawn Crahan
2009-aprSulfurP.R. Brown & M. Shawn Crahan
2008-octDead memoriesP.R. Brown & M. Shawn Crahan
2008-julPsychosocialP.R. Brown
2007-janThe blister existsM. Shawn Crahan
2005-octThe namelessM. Shawn Crahan
2005-mayBefore I forgetTony Petrossian
2004-augVermillion [version 2]Marc Klasfeld
2004-augVermillion [version 1]Tony Petrossian
2004-marDualityTony Petrossian & M. Shawn Crahan
2002-sepMy plagueMatthew Amos & Simon Hilton
2001-sepLeft behindDavid Meyers
2000-novWait & bleed [version 2: animated]Marc Smerling
2000-sepSpit it outThomas Mignone
2000-janWait & bleed [version 1: live]Thomas Mignone
1999Surfacing [live]Thomas Mignone

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