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Wyclef Jean

Act type : male artist
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Wyclef Jean has worked on a total of 41 videos.

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artist videography
(41 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2012-dec [GUEST] AntennaMr. Moe Musa
2010-feb [GUEST] We are the world 25 for HaitiPaul Haggis
2006-nov [GUEST] Dangerous Melina
2006-mar [GUEST] Hips don't lieSophie Muller
2005-nov [GUEST] Come together now
2004-jul24 hours to liveBernard Nadeau
2004-marTake me as I amMarcus Raboy
2003-mar [GUEST] Shape of you (reshaped) Max & Dania
2003-janPussycat Little X
2002-mayTwo wrongs don't make a right Antti J
2001-novWish you were here Antti J
2001-nov [GUEST] Caramel Antti J & Wyclef Jean
2001-nov [GUEST] What's going on? [version 2: concept]Jake Scott & Malik Sayeed
2001-oct [GUEST] Loving you (ole ole ole)Andy Morahan
2001-apr [GUEST] Coast 2 coastTerry Heller
2001-mar [GUEST] Cluck cluckDavid Meyers
2000-sep911Marcus Raboy
2000-julIt doesn't matterHype Williams
2000-aprThug angelGuy Guillet
2000-mar [GUEST] BirimaAndrew Dosunmu & Malik Sayeed
2000-mar [GUEST] Love me nowTim Story
2000-jan [GUEST] Maria, MariaMarcus Raboy
1999-oct [GUEST] Look out tonight
1999-sepNew day [version 1]
1999-sepNew day [version 2]Kevin Godley
1999 [GUEST] In the zone Kennedy
1998-oct [GUEST] How come?Clément Virgo
1998-sep Another one bites the dustMichel Gondry
1998 [GUEST] Horse & carriage [version 2: remix]Lance Rivera
1998 [GUEST] Here we goNick Quested
1998Cheated (to all the girls) McG
1997-dec Gone til' NovemberFrancis Lawrence
1997-oct [GUEST] No, no, no (part 2)Darren Grant
1997-sepGuantanameraMarc Smerling
1997-junWe trying to stay aliveRoman Coppola
1997-mayAnything can happen
1996-oct [GUEST] AngelPaul Boyd
  [GUEST] One night stand
  [GUEST] Ninety-nine (Flash the message)Dean Karr
 PJ'sCess Silvera
 Perfect gentlemanRashidi Natara Harper

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