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Simple Minds

Discography :

  • 1982: New gold dream
  • 1985: Once upon a time
  • 1987: Live in the city of light
  • 2016: Simple Minds acoustic

co-direct award nominee award winner Simple Minds has worked on a total of 23 videos.

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artist videography
(23 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2016-oct Promised you a miracle [version 3: b&w]
2005-sepHomeAndy Roberts
2002-jul [GUEST] MonsterCaswell Coggins
2002-aprCrythe Snorri Brothers
2001-octDancing barefoot
1998-mayWar babiesMichael Geoghegan
1998-febGlitterballAndy Earl & Stuart MacKenzie
1995-marHypnotised Wiz
1995-janShe's a riverKevin Kerslake
1991-augStand by loveNigel Dick
1991-marLet there be loveAndy Morahan
1989-jul Kick it inAndy Morahan
1989-aprThis is your land
1989-febMandela DayAndy Morahan
1989-febBelfast childAndy Morahan
1987 Promised you a miracle [version 2: live]
1986-mar All the things she saidZbigniew Rybczynski
1986-jan Sanctify yourself Keef
1985-sep Alive and kickingZbigniew Rybczynski
1985-aprDon't you (forget about me)Daniel Kleinman
1982-novSomeone, somewhere (in summertime)
1982-augGlittering prize
1982-apr Promised you a miracle [version 1: concept]Steve Barron

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