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Act type : female artist
Country : Germany

co-direct award nominee award winner Sandra has worked on a total of 26 videos.

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artist videography
(26 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-feb [GUEST] Secrets of loveRobert Bröllochs
2001-novForeverThomas Job
1999Secret land [version 2: remix]Thomas Job
1995Nights in white satin Angel
1993Maria Magdalena '93 remixMarcus Adams
1992-octJohnny wanna liveHoward Greenhalgh
1992-janDon't be agressiveHoward Greenhalgh
1990-augOne more nightDee Trattmann
1990-apr(Life may be) A big insanityHoward Greenhalgh
1990-febHiroshimaR. Willard
1989-aprAround my heartBulle Bernd
1988-novWe'll be togetherBulle Bernd
1988-sepSecret land [version 1]Bulle Bernd
1988-mayHeaven can wait
1988-janStop for a minute
1987-augEverlasting love
1987-febMidnight manWolfgang Simon & Michael von Almsick
1987Don't cry (the breakup of the world)
1986-novLoreenKai von Kotze
1986-sepHi! Hi! Hi!
1986-junInnocent love
1986-febLittle girlMike Stiebel
1986 In the heat of the night [version 2]
1985-nov In the heat of the night [version 1]Michael Bentele
1985-mar(I'll never be) Maria MagdalenaMike Leckebusch
 I need loveHoward Greenhalgh

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