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(1973- )

Act type : male artist
Full name : Pharrell Williams
Born : 5 April 1973
Country : USA

See also Pharrell's technician credits.

One half of the Neptunes.

Member of N.E.R.D..

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Pharrell has worked on a total of 32 videos.

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artist videography
(32 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-mar [GUEST] Aries (YuGo) part 2Ben Newman
2017-aug [GUEST] Feels [version 2: performance]
2017-jun [GUEST] Feels [version 1: concept]Emil Nava
2015-nov [GUEST] WTF (Where They From)David Meyers & Missy Elliott
2015-may [GUEST] California rollWarren Fu
2013-nov Happy We Are From LA
2013-sep [GUEST] Lose yourself to dance Daft Punk & Warren Fu & Paul Hahn & CÚdric Hervet
2013-mar [GUEST] Blurred linesDiane Martel
2006-octThat girlChris Robinson
2006-aug [GUEST] Money maker Melina
2006-jul [GUEST] Margarita
2006-jul [GUEST] Wanna love you girl [version 3: remix]P.R. Brown
2006-jun [GUEST] Mr. Me TooR. Malcolm Jones
2006-mayNumber 1Hype Williams
2006-apr [GUEST] Say somethin'Paul Hunter
2005-decAngelHype Williams
2005-dec [GUEST] Wanna love you girl [version 2]Hype Williams
2005-octCan I have it like that?Paul Hunter
2005-jun [GUEST] Wanna love you girl [version 1: unreleased]Paul Hunter
2005-mar [GUEST] SignsPaul Hunter
2005-feb [GUEST] Let's get blownPaul Hunter & Eminem
2004-oct [GUEST] Drop it like it's hotPaul Hunter
2003-nov [GUEST] Show me your soulChris Robinson
2003-nov [GUEST] Change clothesChris Robinson
2003-sep [GUEST] Light your ass on fireJoseph Kahn
2003-julFrontin'Paul Hunter
2003-feb [GUEST] Excuse me miss Little X
2003-feb [GUEST] BeautifulChris Robinson
2002-aug [GUEST] Luv U better [version 1]J. Jesses Smith
2002-jul [GUEST] Boys [remix]David Meyers
2002-mar [GUEST] Pass the courvoiseur (part II)Chris Robinson & Busta Rhymes
2001-dec [GUEST] Young'n (holla back) Little X

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