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Act type : band
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Bananarama has worked on a total of 41 videos.

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artist videography
(41 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-mayLook on the floor (hypnotic tango) [version 2: Solasso remix] mi3
2006-apr Look on the floor (hypnotic tango) [version 1]Tim Royes
2005-decMove in my directionPhil Griffin
2005-mar [GUEST] Really saying somethingPhil Griffin
2001Careless whisperPhilippe Gautier
1998-mayWaterlooRik Lander
1996Take me to your heart
1995Every shade of blue
1993-aprMore more more
1992-decLast thing on my mind
1992-julMovin' onPhilippe Gautier
1991-augTripping on your love
1991-aprLong train running
1991-janPreacher man
1990-junOnly your lovePhilippe Gautier
1989-junCruel summer '89Neil Thompson
1989Mr. SleazeMarek Budzynski
1989Love in the first degree [version 2]Andy Morahan
1988-novNathan Jones
1988-sepLove truth & honesty Big TV!
1988-aprI want you backAndy Morahan
1987-decI can't help itAndy Morahan
1987-augLove in the first degree [version 1]Andy Morahan
1987-julI heard a rumourAndy Morahan
1987-aprA trick of the night [version 2: USA]
1987-febA trick of the night [version 1: UK / b&w]
1986-augMore than physicalPeter Care
1986-mayVenusPeter Care
1985-augDo not disturbSimon Milne
1984-nov The wild lifeNorman Seefe
1984-novHot line to HeavenJonathan Gershfield
1984-mayRough justiceJonathan Gershfield
1984-marRobert DeNiro's waitingDuncan Gibbins
1984State I'm inJonathan Gershfield
1983-julCruel summerBrian Simmons
1983-febNa na hey hey kiss him goodbye Keef
1982-decCheers thenKeith MacMillan
1982-julShy boyMidge Ure & Chris Cross
1982-feb [GUEST] It ain't what you do... (it's the way that you do it)Steve Barron
1982-febReally sayin' somethin'Chris Cross & Midge Ure

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