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Olivia Newton-John
(1948- )

Act type : female artist
Born : 26 September 1948
Country : USA

Born in the UK and raised in Australia.

co-direct award nominee award winner Olivia Newton-John has worked on a total of 32 videos.

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artist videography
(32 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1998-mayI honestly love youGigi Gaston
1998-aprPrecious loveGerry Wenner
1997-nov [GUEST] Falling
1997-octFallingGerry Wenner
1996-nov [GUEST] Grease megamixRandal Kleiser
1995-jul [GUEST] Had to beNick Morris
1992-junI need love
1989-jun [GUEST] Spirit of the forestStorm Thorgerson
1988-augThe rumourBrian Grant
1988Talk about it in bedBrian Grant
1985-oct Soul kissDavid Mallet
1985Toughen upDavid Mallet
1984-feb(Livin' in) Desperate timesBrian Grant
1983-novTwist of fateBrian Grant
1983-janTied up in promisesBrian Grant
1983Take a chanceDavid Mallet
1983Two of a kindBrian Grant
1983Shakin' youBrian Grant
1982-sepHeart attackBrian Grant
1982-febMake a move on meBrian Grant
1982-janLandslideBrian Grant
1981-octLet's get physicalBrian Grant
1981Strangers touchBrian Grant
1981FallingBrian Grant
1981RecoveryBrian Grant
1981Silvery rainBrian Grant
1980-mayMagicBrian Grant
1978-novA little more loveBrian Grant
1978-julHopelessly devoted to youBrian Grant
 The right momentDavid Mallet
 Culture shockDavid Mallet
 Emotional tangleDavid Mallet

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