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New Order

Act type : band
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner New Order has worked on a total of 35 videos.

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artist videography
(35 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2007-feb Everything's gone green [version 2] fordbrothers
2006-apr Everything's gone green [version 1]Thomas Draschan
2006-marTurnThomas Draschan
2005-sepWaiting for the sirens' call
2005-aprJetstreamDawn Shadforth
2005-mar KraftyJohan Renck
2005 TemptationVictoria Bergsman & Michael Shamberg
2005 Ceremony [version 2]Yu Likwai
2002-marHere to stayPaul Gore
2001-oct60 miles an hourRob Leggatt & Leigh Marling
2001-aug Crystal [version 2: club remix]Gina Birch
2001-jul Crystal [version 1]Johan Renck
1995-aug Blue Monday '95James Hyman
1995-jan 1963Gina Birch
1994-novTrue faith '94
1993-decSpookyRichard Heslop
1993-sep World (the price of love)Baillie Walsh
1993-julRuined in a day
1993-apr RegretPeter Care
1990-junWorld in motion
1989-sep RunRobert Frank
1989-mar Round and roundPaula Greif
1988-dec Fine timeRichard Heslop
1988-jan Blue Monday '88Robert Breer & William Wegman
1987-nov Touched by the hand of GodKathryn Bigelow
1987-jun True faithPhilippe de Coufle
1986-nov Bizarre love triangleRobert Longo
1986-marShellshockRick Elgood
1985-may Perfect kissJonathan Demme
1984-nov Blue Monday [version 2: miners]the Duvet Brothers
1983-sep ConfusionCharles Sturridge
1983-mar Blue Monday [version 1]
1981-octEverything's gone green
1981-marCeremony [version 1]
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