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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Act type : band
Country : Australia

co-direct award nominee award winner Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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artist videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2013-feb Jubilee StreetJohn Hillcoat
2013-jan We no who U RGaspar No
2004-novNature boyGrant Gee
2004BreathlessBen Dawkins
2003Bring it onJohn Hillcoat
2002Stagger Lee [version 2]David Chaudoir
2001-may15 feet of pure white snowJohn Hillcoat
2001-marAs I sat sadly by her sideJohn Hillcoat
1997-may(Are you) The one I've been waiting for?Angela Conway
1997-febInto my armsJonathan Glazer & Nick Cave
1996-mar Henry LeeRocky Schenck
1996Stagger Lee [version 1]Emma Davis
1994-mar Do you love me?John Hillcoat
1994 Red right handJesse Dylan
1994LovermanJohn Hillcoat
1992-aprJack the ripperJohn Hillcoat
1992-aprStraight to youAnton Corbijn
1992I had a dream JoeJohn Hillcoat
1990The weeping songAngela Conway
1990The ship songJohn Hillcoat
1988DeannaMick Harvey
1988 The mercy seatChristoph Dreher
1986The singerChristoph Dreher
1985Wanted manMick Harvey
1985TupeloChristoph Dreher
1984In the ghetto [version 2]Evan English & Paul Goldman
1984In the ghetto [version 1]Evan English

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