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(1959- )

Act type : male artist
Full name : Stephen Morrissey
Born : 22 May 1959
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 2006: Ringleader of the tormentors -- buy @ amazon
  • 2017: Low in high school

co-direct award nominee award winner Morrissey has worked on a total of 34 videos.

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artist videography
(34 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017-nov Jacky's only happy when she's up on the stageRobert Hales
2017-oct Spent the day in bedSophie Muller
2006-may The youngest was the most loved A/V Club
2006-aprIn the future when all's well A/V Club
2006-febYou have killed me A/V Club
2004-decI have forgiven Jesus A/V Club
2004-sepFirst of the gang to die A/V Club
2004-aprIrish blood, English heart A/V Club
1997-jul Alma mattersMatthew Rolston
1996-mayClosed down mill
1995-decSunnyJames O'Brien
1995-novThe boy racerJames O'Brien
1995-augDagenham Dave
1995-janBoxersJames O'Brien
1994-mayHold on to your friendsSimon Hilton
1994-febThe more you ignore me, the closer I getAlbert Watson
1992-decCertain people I knowGeorge Tiffin
1992-novGlamorous glueGeorge Tiffin
1992-augTomorrowZack Snyder
1992-julYou're the one for me, FattyTim Broad
1992-aprWe hate it when our friends become successfulTim Broad
1992Seasick, yet still dockedCharles Wittenmeier
1991-sepMy love lifeTim Broad
1991-julPregnant for the last timeTim Broad
1991-aprSing your lifeTim Broad
1991-febOur FrankJohn Maybury
1990-aprNovember spawned a monsterTim Broad
1989-novOuija board, Ouija boardTim Broad
1989-aprInteresting drugTim Broad
1989-febThe last of the famous international playboysTim Broad
1989-janSister, I'm a poet [live]Tim Broad
1988-junEvery day is like SundayTim Broad
1988-febSuedeheadTim Broad
1988Late night, Maudlin Street

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