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Dr. Dre

Act type : male artist
Real name : Andre Young
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Dr. Dre has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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artist videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-mayChevy ridin' high
2005-decNaomiR. Malcolm Jones
2001-dec [GUEST] Fast laneSanaa Hamri
2001-octBand intentionsPhillip Atwell & Dr. Dre
2000-jun [GUEST] Just be a man about itBille Woodruff
2000-may [GUEST] HelloPhillip Atwell
2000-mayThe next episodePaul Hunter
2000-janForgot about DrePhillip Atwell
1999-octStill D.R.E.Hype Williams
1999-jun [GUEST] Guilty consciencePhillip Atwell & Dr. Dre
1998-mayZoomHubert Bodner
1997-nov [GUEST] Phone tap
1997-febPuppetmasterDean Karr
1996-octBeen there, done thatKia Puriefoy
1996-aug [GUEST] No diggity [version 1]Hype Williams
1996-jan [GUEST] California love (part 2)Kevin Swain
1995-dec [GUEST] California love (part 1)Hype Williams
1995-junKeep their heads ringin'F. Gary Gray
1995-janNatural born killazF. Gary Gray
1994-sepDre Day Dr. Dre
1994-janLet me ride Dr. Dre
1994Back up off me Fab 5 Freddy
1992-decNuthin' but a 'G' thang Dr. Dre
1992Deep cover
  [GUEST] Ghetto fabulousChris Robinson
 The robbery
 Lil' ghetto boy

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