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Machine Head
(1991- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1991
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 1992: N/A
  • 1994: Burn my eyes -- produced by Colin Richardson
  • 1997: The more things change... -- produced by Colin Richardson
  • 1999: The burning red -- produced by Ross Robinson
  • 2001: Supercharger -- produced by Johnny K
  • 2003: Hellalive
  • 2003: Through the ashes of empires -- produced by Robert Flynn
  • 2007: The blackening
  • 2011: Unto the Locust
  • 2014: Bloodstone & diamonds
  • 2018: Catharsis

co-direct award nominee award winner Machine Head has worked on a total of 22 videos.

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artist videography
(22 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-aug VolatileFiaz Farrelly
2018-jan KaleidoscopeMike Sloat
2017-dec Beyond the paleMélanie Gaonac'h
2017-dec CatharsisFrazier Bradshaw
2014-sep Now we dieMike Sloat
2012-jul Darkness withinRobb Flynn & Milan Basel & Jiří Novotný
2011-jun LocustMike Sloat
2008-may HaloMike Sloat
2008 Hallowed be thy nameMike Sloat
2007-oct Now I lay thee downMike Sloat
2007-apr Aesthetics of hateMike Sloat
2005-novSeasons witherMike Sloat
2005-apr Days turn blue to grayMike Sloat
2004-apr ImperiumMike Sloat
2003 The blood, the sweat, the tearsRobb Flynn
2001-oct Crashing around youNathan Cox
1999-sep From this dayMichael Martin
1997-nov Take my scarsChris Hafner
1997 Ten ton hammerBill Ward
1995-mar OldBill Ward
1995 DavidianChris Hafner
1992 Fuck it allJerry Allen

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