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(1988- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1988
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 1994: Throwing copper

co-direct award nominee award winner Live has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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artist videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jul Love lounge
2006The riverNathan Cox
2003-novRun away
2003-julHeaven [version 3: live]
2003-junHeaven [version 2: unaired] harv
2003-mayHeaven [version 1: concept] Arni & Kinski
2002-marLike a soldierMatt Bass
2002Overcome [version 2: official]Mary Lambert
2001-sepOvercome [version 1: World Trade Center]
2001-augSimple creedMarc Webb
2001-julForever may not be long enough
2000-mayThey stood up for loveKai Sehr
2000-janRun to the waterMartin Weisz
1999-sepThe dolphins cryMartin Weisz
1997-junTurn my head [version 1: washing machines]Jake Scott
1997-aprFreaksPaul Cunningham
1997-janLakini's juiceGavin Bowden
1997Turn my head [version 2: York, PA]Mary Lambert
1996-augSupernatural [acoustic]
1995-junWhite discussion [version 2: color / live]Josh Taft
1995-febI alone [version 2: acoustic]Joe Perota
1995StageMark Eaton
1994-dec Lightning crashesJake Scott
1994-sepI alone [version 1]Tim Pope
1994-augWhite discussion [version 1: b&w]Tommy Giovarelli
1994-maySelling the dramaJulia Heyward & Phyllis Famiglietti
1992-febPain lies on the riverside [version 2: live]George Seminara
1992Operation spirit [version 2: live]George Seminara
1991Pain lies on the riverside [version 1]Ron Keith
1991Operation spirit [version 1]George Seminara

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