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LeAnn Rimes
(1982- )

Act type : female artist
Born : 28 August 1982
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner LeAnn Rimes has worked on a total of 21 videos.

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artist videography
(21 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2010-jul Swingin'David McClister
2007-sep Nothing better to doDavid McClister
2006-augSome people
2006-febSomething's gotta giveDavid McClister
2005-mayProbably wouldn't be this wayDavid McClister
2004-sepNothin' 'bout love makes senseKristin Barlowe
2004-mayLast thing on my mindUrban Ström
2004-feb This love [live]
2003-julWe canLiz Friedlander
2003-mar SuddenlyCameron Casey
2002-augLife goes onMatthew Rolston
2000-novCan't fight the moonlightDavid McNally
2000-mayI need youJoe Rey
1999-mar [GUEST] Written in the starsthe New RenaisCAnce
1998-sepLooking through your eyesChris Rogers
1998-sepCommitmentChris Rogers
1997-augYou light up my life
1997-jun [GUEST] How do I live?Chris Rogers
1997-marThe light in your eyes
1996-sepOne way ticket
1996-julBlueChris Rogers

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