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Iron Maiden

Act type : band
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Iron Maiden has worked on a total of 41 videos.

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artist videography
(41 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-octDifferent worldHoward Greenhalgh
2006-sepThe reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
2003RainmakerHoward Greenhalgh
2000-junThe wicker manDean Karr
2000Out of the silent planet
1998-mar The angel and the gamblerSimon Hilton
1996Man on the edge [version 2: live in Israel]Simon Hilton
1995-sepMan on the edge [version 1]Wing Ko
1995Lord of the flies
1994Heaven can wait [live]
1994Afraid to shoot strangers [live]
1993-oct Hallowed be thy name
1993-marTailgunner [live]
1992-junFrom here to eternityRalph Ziman
1992-aprBe quick or be dead
1992Fear of the dark
1992Wasting loveSamuel Bayer
1990-decBring your daughter... to the slaughter
1990-sepHoly smokeSteve Harris
1989-novInfinite dreams [live]Steve Harris
1988-novThe clairvoyant [live]Toby Phillips
1988-augThe evil that men do [live]Toby Phillips & Steve Harris
1988-marCan I play with madness?Julian Doyle
1986-octStranger in a strange landJulian Caidan
1986-augWasted yearsJim Yukich
1985-decRun to the hills [version 2: live]Jim Yukich
1985-sep Running freeJim Yukich
1985-jan2 minutes to midnight [version 2: live]Jan Roy
1984-sepAces highJim Yukich & Kenny Feuerman
1984-jun 2 minutes to midnight [version 1]Jim Yukich
1983-mayThe trooperDavid Mallet
1983-marFlight of IcarusJim Yukich
1982-mayThe number of the BeastDavid Mallet
1982-febRun to the hills [version 1]David Mallet
1981Killers [live]
1980-decWrath childDavid G. Hillier
1980-novWomen in uniformBrian Grant
1980Phantom of the Opera [live]
1980Iron Maiden

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