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Act type : band
Country : Australia

co-direct award nominee award winner INXS has worked on a total of 79 videos.

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artist videography
(79 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-feb AfterglowScott Duncan
2005-octPretty VegasScott Duncan
2001-jun [GUEST] Precious heartSam Arthur
2001 [GUEST] I'm so crazySam Brown & Paul Gore
1997-novSearchingNick Egan
1997-junDon't lose your headNick Egan
1997-aprEverythingPaul Boyd
1997-mar Elegantly wastedWalter Stern
1994-octThe strangest party (these are the times) Big TV!
1994-mayKeep the peace
1993-octTree linksLynn-Maree Milburn
1993-octKill the painLynn-Maree Milburn
1993-octViking juiceNatalie Elliott
1993-octDays of rustAngus Cummings
1993-octMake your peaceClayton Jacobson
1993-octCut your roses downLynn-Maree Milburn & Richard Lowenstein
1993-octPlease (you got that...) [version 1]Lucinda Clutterbuck
1993-octTimeClayton Jacobson
1993-octThe messengerTracey Moffat
1993-octFull moon, dirty heartsStavros Etthymiou
1993-octI'm only lookingEmma-Kate Croghan
1993-octFreedom deepLynn-Maree Milburn & Ray Strong
1993-sepThe giftRichard Lowenstein
1993-jan Beautiful girlMark Pellington
1993Please (you got that...) [version 2]Matt Mahurin
1992-novTaste it [version 2: live]Richard Lowenstein
1992-octTaste it [version 1]Baillie Walsh
1992-sepBaby don't cryPaul Boyd
1992-augNot enough timeHoward Greenhalgh
1992-julHeaven sentRichard Lowenstein
1992-janNew sensation [version 2: live]David Mallet
1991-novShining starDavid Mallet
1991-julBy my sideRichard Lowenstein
1991-marBitter tears [version 2: Lorimer remix]Troy Davies
1991-marBitter tears [version 1]Richard Lowenstein
1991-febDisappear [version 3: remix]Troy Davies
1991The stairsTroy Davies
1990-octDisappear [version 2]
1990-octDisappear [version 1]Claudia Castle
1990-augSuicide blonde [version 1]Richard Lowenstein
1990Suicide blonde [version 2: demolition mix]Troy Davies
1989-aprMystify [live]Hamish Cameron
1988-octGuns in the skyRichard Lowenstein
1988-marDevil insideJoel Schumacher
1988-janNew sensation [version 1]Richard Lowenstein
1988The loved one [version 2: live]Peter Cox
1987-decNever tear us apartRichard Lowenstein
1987-sepNeed you tonight / MediateRichard Lowenstein
1987Good times
1986-novShine like it does [version 2: live]Karl Steinberg
1986-mayListen like thieves [version 2: live]Karl Steinberg
1986-aprListen like thieves [version 1]Richard Lowenstein
1986-janKiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)Alex Proyas
1986One X One
1986Shine like it does [version 1]
1985-novThis time [version 1]Peter Sinclair
1985-aug What you need [version 1]Lynn-Maree Milburn
1984-novLove is (what I say) Bell & Hillcoat
1984-novMelting in the Sun Bell & Hillcoat
1984-octDancing on the jettyRichard Lowenstein
1984-octAll the voicesRichard Lowenstein
1984-jul Burn for youRichard Lowenstein
1984-feb I send a messageYamamoto Sam
1983-dec Original sin (dream on)Yamamoto Sam
1983-marTo look at youScott Hicks
1982-novSpy of loveScott Hicks
1982-octDon't change [version 1]Scott Hicks
1982-julThe one thingSoren Jensen
1981-sepStay youngPeter Clifton
1981-marThe loved one [version 1]Peter Cox
1981Night of rebellion
1981Underneath the colours
1980-octJust keep walkingGary Page
1980-maySimple Simon
 Kick [live]
 Mediate [live]
 This time [version 2: live]
 What you need [version 2: live]
 Don't change [version 2: live]

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