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Ozzy Osbourne

Act type : male artist
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Ozzy Osbourne has worked on a total of 31 videos.

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artist videography
(31 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-apr [GUEST] Tears in HeavenMarcus Raboy
2005-marIn my lifeChris Hafner
2002-jan DreamerRob Zombie
2001-oct Gets me throughJonas Akerlund
2000-marCrazy train [version 2]
1997-octBack on EarthNigel Dick
1996-may I just want youDean Karr
1996-febSee you on the other side [version 2]Nigel Dick
1995-decSee you on the other side [version 1: unreleased]
1995-octPerry MasonRalph Ziman
1993-sepI don't want to change the world
1992-octTime after time
1992-julMr. Tinkertrain
1992-aprRoad to nowhere
1992-aprMama I'm coming home [version 2: continuous shot]
1991-novMama I'm coming home [version 1: orange]Samuel Bayer
1991-sepNo more tearsRalph Ziman
1990-aprShot in the dark [version 2]
1989-julBreaking all the rules
1989-mar [GUEST] Close my eyes forever
1989-janCrazy babies
1988-octMiracle manWayne Isham
1987-apr Crazy train [version 1]Wayne Isham
1986-aprThe ultimate sinAndy Morahan
1986-feb Shot in the dark [version 1]Andy Morahan
1986-janLightning strikes
1984-junSo tired
1983-novBark at the MoonMike Mansfield
  [GUEST] Therapy
 ParanoidMike Mansfield

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