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the Human League

Act type : band
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 1981: Dare!

co-direct award nominee award winner the Human League has worked on a total of 20 videos.

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artist videography
(20 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1988-octLove is all that matters
1995-junFilling up with Heaven
1981-julLove action (I believe in love)Steve Barron
1981-dec Don't you want me?Steve Barron
1983-apr(Keep feeling) FascinationSteve Barron
1983-sepMirror man [version 2]Steve Barron
1984-oct LouiseSteve Barron
1990-octSoundtrack to a generationPeter Cornish
1982-novMirror man [version 1]Brian Duffy
1981-octOpen your heartBrian Grant
1984-aprThe LebanonSimon Milne
1984-junLife on your ownSimon Milne
1986-augHumanAndy Morahan
1986-novI need your lovingAndy Morahan
1990-augHeart like a wheelAndy Morahan
1994-decTell me whenAndy Morahan
1995-marOne man in my heartAndy Morahan
1979-julCircus of deathRussell Mulcahy
1979-octEmpire State HumanRussell Mulcahy
1981-aprThe sound of the crowd TOTP

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