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Vince Gill

Act type : male artist

co-direct award nominee award winner Vince Gill has worked on a total of 24 videos.

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artist videography
(24 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-octThe reason why
2006-octThe lucky one
2004-nov What the cowgirls do [version 2: live]
2003-jun Someday
2003-janThe next big thingBrandon Dickerson
1999-decBlue Christmas
1999-oct [GUEST] If you ever leave meJim Shea
1998If you ever have forever in mindJim Shea
1997-junYou and you alone
1997-marA little more loveJohn Lloyd Miller
1995-oct [GUEST] House of love [version 2: film]
1995Go rest high on that mountainJohn Lloyd Miller
1995When love finds youJohn Lloyd Miller
1994-nov [GUEST] House of love [version 1: b&w]Marcus Nispel
1994-jul What the cowgirls do [version 1]John Lloyd Miller
1993-feb [GUEST] The heart won't lieJon Small
1993Don't let our love start slippin' awayJohn Lloyd Miller
1992Look at usJohn Lloyd Miller
 Liza JaneJohn Lloyd Miller
 Never knew lonelyJohn Lloyd Miller
 Pocketful of goldJohn Lloyd Miller
 Trying to get over youJohn Lloyd Miller
 Worlds apart
 Pretty little Adriana

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