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Tori Amos

Act type : female artist
Country : USA

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co-direct award nominee award winner Tori Amos has worked on a total of 26 videos.

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artist videography
(26 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-julSweet the stingAlex Smith
2005-marSleeps with butterfliesLaurent Briet
2002-octA sorta fairytale Sanji
2001-augStrange little girlDavid Slade
1999-novThe glory of the 80'sErick Ifergan
1999-sep1000 oceansErick Ifergan
1999-augBlissLoren Haynes
1998-augRaspberry swirl Barnaby & Scott
1998-julJackie's strengthJames Brown
1998-aprSparkJames Brown
1997-janProfessional widow
1996-nov [GUEST] Blue skies GOB TV
1996-octI'm on fire
1996-julHey JupiterEarle Sebastian
1996-aprTalulaMark Kohr
1996-janCaught a lite sneezeMike Lipscombe
1996Cornflake girl [version 2: Europe] Big TV!
1995-febI wanna get back with you
1994-octPretty good yearCindy Palmano & Sam Riley
1994-julPast the missionJake Scott
1994-aprGodMelodie McDaniel
1994-janCornflake girl [version 1: USA]Tori Amos & Nancy Bennett
1993-febSilent all these yearsCindy Palmano
1992-octWinterCindy Palmano
1992-mayCrucifyCindy Palmano
1992-marChinaCindy Palmano

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