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Elton John
(1947- )

Act type : male artist
Real name : Reginald Dwight
Born : 25 March 1947
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 1976: Blue moves

co-direct award nominee award winner Elton John has worked on a total of 104 videos.

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artist videography
(104 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017-may Rocket man [version 3: animated]Majid Adin & Stephen McNally
2017-may Tiny dancer [version 2: concept]Max Weiland
2010-sep Rocket man [version 2: live]
2006-marSomeone saved my life tonightDavid LaChapelle
2006 TinderboxJulian Gibbs & Julian House
2005-novTurn the lights out when you leaveSam Taylor-Wood
2005-apr [GUEST] Tears in HeavenMarcus Raboy
2005-mar [GUEST] Ghetto gospelNzingha Stewart
2004-novAll that I'm allowed (I'm thankful)David LaChapelle
2003-augAre you ready for love?
2002-dec [GUEST] Sorry seems to be the hardest word Max & Dania
2002Original sinDavid LaChapelle
2001-augI want loveSam Taylor-Wood
2001This train don't stop there anymoreDavid LaChapelle
2000-sepTiny dancer [version 1: film]Cameron Crowe
2000-marSomeday out of the blueJoseph Kahn & Bibo Bergeron
1999-marWritten in the starsthe New RenaisCAnce
1998-febRecover your soulMarcus Nispel
1997-novSad and water
1997-sepCandle in the wind 1997
1997-sepSomething about the way you look tonightTim Royes
1996-sepYou can make history (young again)David Dobkin
1996-janPleaseHoward Greenhalgh
1995-nov [GUEST] When the money's gone
1995-sep BlessedDavid Vital-Durand & RaphaŽl Vital-Durand
1995-mayMade in EnglandHoward Greenhalgh
1995-febBelieveMarcus Nispel
1995Song for Guy [version 2: live]
1994-sepCircle of life [version 2: performance]John Jopson
1994-augCircle of life [version 1]Richard Baskin
1994-mayCan you feel the love tonight?Matthew Amos
1993-decDon't go breaking my heart [version 3]Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey
1993-novTrue loveVidal Jean
1993-aprThe show must go on
1993-febSimple lifeRussell Mulcahy
1993Live like horsesFederico Brugia
1992-octThe last songGus van Sant
1992-augRunaway trainDenise Thorne
1992-junThe OneRussell Mulcahy
1991-nov [GUEST] Don't let the Sun go down on meAndy Morahan
1990-decEasier to walk away
1990-octYou gotta love someoneAndy Morahan
1990-mayClub at the end of the streetDerek Hayes
1990-febSacrifice [version 2: USA]Alek Keshishian
1989-octSacrifice [version 1: non-US]
1989-aug Healing handsRussell Mulcahy
1989-apr [GUEST] Through the storm
1989Japanese hands
1989Philadelphia freedomKen O'Neill
1988-octA word in SpanishRussell Mulcahy
1988-sepTown of plentyRussell Mulcahy
1988-junI don't wanna go on with you like thatRussell Mulcahy
1987-novCandle in the windMark Fitzgerald
1987-may [GUEST] Flames of ParadiseNick Morris
1987Take me to the pilot [version 2: live]
1987Don't go breaking my heart [version 2]Scott Garen
1986-novSlow riversMike Brady
1986-octHeartache all over the worldMike Brady
1986-marCry to HeavenKen Russell
1985-nov [GUEST] That's what friends are forJohn B. House
1985-oct Wrap her upRussell Mulcahy
1985-jul NikitaKen Russell
1985-jun Act of warSimon Milne
1984-decIn neonBernie Taupin
1984-sep Who wears these shoes?Just Jaeckin
1984-augPassengers [version 1]Simon Milne
1984-maySad songs (say so much)Russell Mulcahy
1984Passengers [version 2]
1983-decCold as Christmas
1983-augKiss the bride Godley & Creme
1983-mayI'm still standing [version 2]
1983-aprI guess that's why they call it the bluesRussell Mulcahy
1982-novI'm still standing [version 1]Russell Mulcahy
1982-sepBall & chainStephen Priest
1982-marEmpty garden (hey hey Johnny)Stephen Priest
1982-marBlue eyesStephen Priest
1981-julChloeRussell Mulcahy
1981-mayNobody winsRussell Mulcahy
1981 [GUEST] Donner pour donner
1981The foxRussell Mulcahy
1981 Elton's songRussell Mulcahy
1981Heels of the windRussell Mulcahy
1981Heart in the right placeRussell Mulcahy
1981Carla / Etude / FanfareRussell Mulcahy
1981Fascist facesRussell Mulcahy
1981Just like BelgiumRussell Mulcahy
1981Breaking down barriersRussell Mulcahy
1980-augSartorial eloquence
1980Chasing the Crown
1978-decSong for Guy [version 1]Bruce Gowers
1978-aprEgoMichael Lindsay-Hogg
1976-novSorry seems to be the hardest word
1976-julDon't go breaking my heart [version 1]Mike Mansfield
1976-marPinball wizard
1973-decStep into Christmas
1973-sepGoodbye Yellow Brick Road
1973-julSaturday night's alright for fighting [live]Andy Morahan
1972-novCrocodile rock
1972-aprRocket man (I think it's going to be a long long time) [version 1]
1970-decYour song
1970Take me to the pilot [version 1: 1970]

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