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(1978- )

Act type : male artist
Full name : Usher Raymond IV
Born : 14 October 1978
Country : USA

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Usher has worked on a total of 31 videos.

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artist videography
(31 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2014 [GUEST] Body languageDarren Craig
2013-feb [GUEST] Without you [version 2: Sahel hunger crisis]
2012-oct NumbChris Applebaum & Grace Harry
2012-mar ClimaxSam Pilling
2011-oct [GUEST] Without you [version 1]Christopher Hewitt
2011-jun [GUEST] Looking for loveColin Tilley
2010-aug DJ got us fallin' in loveHiro Murai
2010-mar Lil' freakTaj Stansberry
2010-feb [GUEST] We are the world 25 for HaitiPaul Haggis
2008-oct HushMil Cannon
2005-febCaught up Little X
2004-sepMy booChris Robinson & Usher
2004-julConfessions IIChris Robinson & Usher
2004-aprBurnJake Nava
2004-mar Yeah! Little X
2003-oct [GUEST] What more can I give?
2002-apr [GUEST] I need a girl (part I)Benny Boom & P. Diddy
2001-nov [GUEST] What's going on? [version 2: concept]Jake Scott & Malik Sayeed
2001-octU got it bad Little X
2001-jun U remind me [version 2]Mil Cannon
2001-may U remind me [version 1]David Meyers
2001-janPop ya collarMonty Whitebloom & Andy Delaney
2001 U don't have to call Little X
1998-mayMy wayPaul Hunter
1998 [GUEST] The party continuesPaul Hunter
1998Bedtime [version 2: live]Antoine Fuqua
1998Bedtime [version 1: concept]Joseph Kahn
1997-decNice & slowHype Williams
1997-julYou make me wanna...Bille Woodruff
 Dreamin'Rubin Whitmore II & Eric Haywood
 The many waysHype Williams

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