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(1974- )

Act type : male artist
Real name : Marshall Mathers
Born : 17 October 1974
Country : USA

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Eminem has worked on a total of 41 videos.

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artist videography
(41 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-oct VenomRich Lee
2018-sep Lucky youJames Larese
2018-sep FallJames Larese
2018-may [GUEST] CaterpillarJames Larese
2018-apr FramedJames Larese
2018-feb RiverEmil Nava
2017-dec Walk on waterRich Lee
2015-apr [GUEST] Best friendRyan Smith
2015 [GUEST] The hills [version 2: remix]Nabil Elderkin
2013-sep Berzerk Syndrome
2012-dec [GUEST] C'mon let me rideIsaac Rentz
2009-jun 3AM Syndrome
2006-novYou don't knowthe Saline Project
2006-sep [GUEST] Smack thatBenny Boom
2006-janShake that Plates Animation
2005-decWhen I'm goneAnthony Mandler
2005-oct [GUEST] Welcome 2 DetroitDavy Duhamel
2005-aug [GUEST] Hush is comingFlyy Kai
2005-mayAss like thatPhillip Atwell
2005-may [GUEST] RockstarAnthony Ernest Garth
2005-febMockingbird Eminem & Quig
2004-decLike toy soldiersthe Saline Project
2004-octJust lose itPhillip Atwell
2004-octMoshIan Inaba
2003-aprSing for the moment
2003-marSupermanPaul Hunter
2002-nov [GUEST] Rap name Smith n' Borin
2002-oct Lose yourself Eminem & Paul Rosenberg & Phillip Atwell
2002-aug Cleaning out my closetPhillip Atwell & Dr. Dre
2002-may Without meJoseph Kahn
2002-jan [GUEST] Rock City Antti J
2000-novStan Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell
2000-julThe way I amPaul Hunter
2000-aprThe real Slim Shady Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell
2000-jan [GUEST] Forgot about DrePhillip Atwell
1999-nov [GUEST] Dead wrongMarion Alston & Brian Kushner & Harve Pierre & G.D. Hampton
1999-augRole model Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell
1999-junGuilty consciencePhillip Atwell & Dr. Dre
1999My name is Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell
1998Just don't give a fuckDarren J. Lavett

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