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(1977- )

Act type : male artist
Birth name : John David Jackson
Born : 18 November 1977
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 2001: Ghetto Fabolous
  • 2003: Street dreams
  • 2004: Real talk
  • 2007: From nothin' to somethin'
  • 2009: Loso's way

co-direct award nominee award winner Fabolous has worked on a total of 26 videos.

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artist videography
(26 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-aug Ooh yeaGerard Victor
2017-oct FlipmodeGerard Victor
2013-apr ReadyTaj Stansberry
2013-mar [GUEST] Slow it down Motion Family
2013-mar B.I.T.E.Lamar McPherson
2013-feb [GUEST] I'm bout that life Decatur Dan
2010-jun [GUEST] All I do is win [version 2: remix]Gil Green
2006-apr [GUEST] Bad girlRay Kay
2005-nov [GUEST] Top of the gameKarim Ouaret
2005-nov [GUEST] Streets on lockJuwan Lee & Bleu DaVinci
2005-oct [GUEST] Boogie oogie oogieKevin Hunter
2005-may [GUEST] HypnoticJessy Terrero
2005-feb [GUEST] Get right [version 2: remix]Diane Martel
2005-janBabyErik White
2004-sepBreatheErik White
2003-jun [GUEST] Never leave you - uh ooh, uh oooh!Nzingha Stewart
2003-junInto youErik White
2003-febCan't let you goErik White
2002-decThis is my partyChris Robinson
2002-julTrade it all Pt. 2Chris Robinson
2002-jul [GUEST] BasketballChris Robinson
2002-jul [GUEST] AutomaticLenny Bass
2001-dec [GUEST] I got luv [version 2: remix]Chris Robinson
2001-decYoung'n (holla back) Little X
2001-aug Can't deny it Little X
2001-mar [GUEST] SuperwomanChris Robinson

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