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Depeche Mode

Act type : band
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 2001: Exciter
  • 2017: Spirit

co-direct award nominee award winner Depeche Mode has worked on a total of 58 videos.

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artist videography
(58 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017-sep Cover meAnton Corbijn
2013-mar Soothe my soulWarren Fu
2013-jan HeavenTimothy Saccenti
2009 WrongPatrick Daughters
2006-febSuffer wellAnton Corbijn
2005-novA pain that I'm used toUwe Flade
2005-sepPreciousUwe Flade
2004-novEnjoy the silence [version 2: animated]Uwe Flade
2002-febGoodnight loversJohn Hillcoat
2001-nov Freelove [version 2: live]Anton Corbijn
2001-oct Freelove [version 1]John Hillcoat
2001-junI feel lovedJohn Hillcoat
2001-aprDream onStéphane Sednaoui
1998-sepOnly when I lose myselfBrian Griffin
1997-octUselessAnton Corbijn
1997-junHomeSteve Green
1997-marIt's no goodAnton Corbijn
1997-janBarrel of a gunAnton Corbijn
1994-janIn your roomAnton Corbijn
1993-sepCondemnation [version 1]Anton Corbijn
1993-mayWalking in my shoesAnton Corbijn
1993-febI feel youAnton Corbijn
1993One caressKevin Kerslake
1991-aprHaloAnton Corbijn
1991CleanAnton Corbijn
1990-octWorld in my eyesAnton Corbijn
1990-mayPolicy of truthAnton Corbijn
1990-marEnjoy the silence [version 1]Anton Corbijn
1989-novPersonal JesusAnton Corbijn
1989-febEverything counts [version 2: from 101]D.A. Pennebaker
1989Pleasure, little treasure
1988-sepStrangelove '88Martyn Atkins
1988-mayLittle fifteenMartyn Atkins
1987-decBehind the wheelAnton Corbijn
1987-augNever let me down againAnton Corbijn
1987-marPimpfAnton Corbijn
1987-marStrangeloveAnton Corbijn
1986-sepA question of timeAnton Corbijn
1986-aprA question of lustClive Richardson
1986-mar StrippedPeter Care
1986-marBut not tonightTamra Davis
1985-novPhotographic [live]Clive Richardson
1985-sepIt's called a heartPeter Care
1985-aprShake the diseasePeter Care
1984-octSomebodyClive Richardson
1984-octBlasphemous rumoursClive Richardson
1984-augMaster and servantClive Richardson
1984-marPeople are peopleClive Richardson
1983-sepLove in itselfClive Richardson
1983-julEverything counts [version 1: 1983]Clive Richardson
1983-febGet the balance rightKevin Hewitt
1982-augLeave in silenceJulien Temple
1982-aprThe meaning of loveJulien Temple
1982-janSee youJulien Temple
1981-sepJust can't get enoughClive Richardson
1981-junNew life
 Condemnation [version 2: live]

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