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Del Amitri

Act type : band
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Del Amitri has worked on a total of 21 videos.

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artist videography
(21 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2002-marJust before you leaveSam Arthur
1998-augCry to be found Billy & Alan
1998-mayDon't come home too soon Billy & Alan
1997-novSome other sucker's paradeAdolfo Doring
1997-sepMedicine Hammer & Tongs
1997-junNot where it's atSteven Hanft
1995-octTell her thisAdolfo Doring
1995-junRoll to meRene Eller
1995-aprDriving with the brakes onPedro Romhanyi
1995-febHere and now [version 1] Wiz
1995Here and now [version 2]Max Abbiss-Biro
1993-janWhen you were youngZack Snyder
1992-nov Be my downfallDoug Nichol
1992-augJust like a manNeil Thompson
1992-aprAlways the last to knowPedro Romhanyi
1990-octSpit in the rainMichael Geoghegan
1990-mayMove away Jimmy blueNeil Abramson
1990-apr Kiss this thing goodbye [version 2: USA]Doug Nichol
1989-decNothing ever happensMichael Geoghegan
1989-sepStone cold soberSam Hodgkin
1989-jul Kiss this thing goodbye [version 1: UK]Tony van den Ende

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