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Act type : band
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 2003: Deftones
  • 2007: Saturday night wrist
  • 2010: Diamond eyes
  • 2012: Koi no yokan
  • 2016: Gore

co-direct award nominee award winner Deftones has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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artist videography
(25 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2016-apr Prayers/TrianglesCharles Bergquist
2013-sep Romantic dreamsBrett Novak
2013-jul Swerve City [version 2: b&w]Ryan Mackfall
2013-may Swerve City [version 1: color]Gus Black
2011-augBeauty school
2010-octYou've seen the butcher Jodeb
2010-sepSextape ZFCL
2010-marDiamond eyes Roboshobo
2010-feb Rocket skatesTimothy McGurr
2007-mar MeinBernard Gourley
2006-octHole in the EarthBrian Lazzaro
2005Engine No. 9Nick Lambrou
2005RootNick Lambrou
2004Hexagram [version 2]Andrew Bennett
2003-decHexagram [version 1]Darren Doane
2003-junMinervaPaul Fedor
2003Bloody capeJames Minchin III
2001Digital bathAndrew Bennett
2000-octBack to school (Mini Maggit)Paul Hunter
2000-junChange (in the house of flies)Liz Friedlander
2000Street carpShawn Foster
1998-mar Be quiet and drive (far away)Frank W. Ockenfels III
1997-decMy own summer (shove it)Dean Karr
1996-aprBoredNick Egan
1995-dec7 wordsChris Burns

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