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Kurt Maloo

Act type : male artist
Country : Switzerland

Former one half of Double.

Former member of Ping Pong.

Discography :

  • 1990: Single
  • 1995: Soul and echo
  • 2006: Loopy Ave.
  • 2009: Summer of better times
  • 2014: What about?

co-direct award nominee award winner Kurt Maloo has worked on a total of 20 videos.

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artist videography
(20 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2016-nov Don't bring me down pb
2016-jun City of rain pb
2015-jun Drama queenAdrian Heinrich
2015-jan River flowBettina Schaefer
2014-nov Tumbling skiesAnja Muller
2014-oct What about?Kurt Maloo
2014-sep Never give upBettina Schaefer
2014-aug Come over hereBettina Schaefer
2010 Day of the man with a heart of goldChristian Aeby
2009 Girl in MexicoLenz Meier
2006 Your townBettina Schaefer
2006 Loopy Ave.
2006 Rangoon MoonKurt Maloo & Dania Hohmann
1996 The captain of her heartFredrik Boklund
1995 Young king
1995 Jealousy
1995 Man in love pb
1991End of the seasonPascal Heylbroeck
1990 You drive your life (but this time)
1990 LovegrowAlexandre Hotton

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