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(1979- )

Act type : female artist
Real name : Alecia Beth Moore
Born : 8 September 1979
Country : USA

Named herself after the Mr. Pink character in Reservoir dogs.

Discography :

  • 2006: I'm not dead -- buy @ amazon
  • 2008: Funhouse
  • 2017: Beautiful trauma

co-direct award nominee award winner P!nk has worked on a total of 29 videos.

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artist videography
(29 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jul Secrets
2018-mar Whatever you want [version 2: live action]
2018-jan Wild hearts can't be brokenSasha Samsonova
2017-nov Beautiful traumaNick Florez & R.J. Durell
2017-oct Whatever you want [version 1: animated] Rafatoon
2017-aug What about us?Georgia Hudson
2013-feb Just give me a reasonDiane Martel
2012-oct TryFloria Sigismondi
2011-jan PerfectDavid Meyers
2010-feb [GUEST] We are the world 25 for HaitiPaul Haggis
2008-aug So what?David Meyers
2006-octNobody knowsJake Nava
2006-augU + Ur handDavid Meyers
2006-mayWho knew? Dragon
2006-feb Stupid girlsDavid Meyers
2005-apr [GUEST] Tears in HeavenMarcus Raboy
2004-aprLast to know
2004-febGod is a DJJake Scott
2003-oct TroubleSophie Muller
2003-junFeel good timeDavid Meyers
2002-novFamily portraitSophie Muller
2002-junJust like a pillFrancis Lawrence
2002-marDon't let me get meDavid Meyers
2001-oct Get this party startedDavid Meyers
2001-apr [GUEST] Lady MarmaladePaul Hunter
2000-decYou make me sickDavid Meyers
2000-julMost girlsDavid Meyers
2000-janThere you goDavid Meyers
1999Can't take me home

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