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Florence + the Machine
(2007- )

Act type : band
Formed : 2007
Country : UK

Related entries: Florence Welch.

Discography :

  • 2015: How big how blue how beautiful
  • 2018: High as hope

co-direct award nominee award winner Florence + the Machine has worked on a total of 29 videos.

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artist videography
(29 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jun Big godAutumn DeWilde
2018-may HungerA.G. Rojas
2018-apr Sky full of songA.G. Rojas
2016Third eyeVince Haycock
2015-feb What kind of man (The Odyssey, chapter 1)Vince Haycock
2015DelilahVince Haycock
2015Queen of peace / Long and lostVince Haycock
2015Ship to wreckVince Haycock
2015St. JudeVince Haycock
2015How big how blue how beautifulTabitha Denholm & Vince Haycock
2012Lover to loverVince Haycock
2012Breaking downTabitha Denholm
2012SpectrumDavid LaChapelle & John Byrne
2012Breath of lifeScott Murray
2012Never let me goTabitha Denholm
2011-novNo light, no light Arni & Kinski
2011-oct Shake it outDawn Shadforth
2011-augWhat the water gave mePaul Epworth
2011Not fade awayTabitha Denholm
2010-julHeavy in your armsTom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
2010-mayCosmic loveTom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
2010-marDog days are over [version 2]Georgie Greville & Geremy Jasper
2010-janHurricane drunkEva Husson
2009-sep You've got the loveTom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
2009-augDrumming songDawn Shadforth
2009-mayRabbit heart (raise it up)Tom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
2008-novDog days are over [version 1]Tom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
2008-junKiss with a fistPrice James
2008 Little donkey Supine Studios

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