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Terri Clark

Act type : female artist

co-direct award nominee award winner Terri Clark has worked on a total of 16 videos.

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artist videography
(16 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-augShe didn't have time
2004-decI think the world needs a drinkThom Oliphant
2004-junGirls lie tooShaun Silva
2003-sep [GUEST] You can't take it with youWarren Sonoda
2003-aug I wanna do it all
2003-apr Three Mississippi
2002-sepI just wanna be madRobert Deaton & George J. Flanigen IV
2001-janNo fearEric Welch
1998-julYou're easy on the eyesSteven Goldmann
1998-marNow that I found youSteven Goldmann
1997-aprJust the sameMichael Merriman
1997-janEmotional girlMichael Merriman
1996-octPoor, poor pitiful meRobert Deaton & George J. Flanigen IV
1996-febIf I were youMichael Merriman
1995-octWhen boy meets girlMichael Merriman
1995-julBetter things to doMichael Merriman

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